Our committment

It tends to be the elephant in the room with capsule coffee, but at Flinders Lane Specialty Coffee, we're determined to be answerable to the issue. 

Our capsules can be easily recycled - simply empty out the spent coffee (which is GREAT for your compost!) and remove the foil lid. The plastic pod can now be put in your recycling bin! 

We're also incredibly proud to be in discussions with some overseas manufacturers who are working to develop a fully compostable capsule. These will be absolute game changers, and we want them to come to Australia as soon as possible!

Did you know that coffee grounds are super high in nitrogen, which is great for your compost and your garden? If your capsules are compostable, they'll essentially be the gift that keeps giving! We're committed to being a part of bringing this technology to Australia as soon as it's ready and commercially viable -  to ensure that capsules can go from an environmental hassle, to essentially a superfood for your compost bin!