BRAZIL | Bom Jesus

BRAZIL | Bom Jesus


Intensity: MILD | Tasting Notes: RAW HONEY | CARAMEL | CREAMY FINISH

Region: Alto Mogiana | BRAZIL (**Best before Oct, 2018**)

Our flagship coffee hails from the Bom Jesus farm in Alto Mogiana, Brazil. Featuring tasting notes of raw honey, caramel, and a creamy finish, this coffee is a smooth brew that is amazing black, and great with a little milk too! 

10 Nespresso®* compatible capsules of this delicious Brazilian Coffee.

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Our flagship coffee hails from the Alto Mogiana Region in Brazil.

Featuring notes of raw honey, caramel and a smooth, creamy finish, this mild (5/10 intensity) coffee is a delight black, or with a little milk.